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Our comprehensive marketplace offers streamlined and fully automated workflows for multiple marketing needs. From Google Adwords to Mailchimp, Adeptt is here to help reduce your workload with end-to-end automation and total customization.

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Why Adeptt?


Eliminate guess work with our prebuilt workflows and step-by-step guides.

Save Time

No matter the platform, our technology autofills ad forms, making your building process over 60% faster.

Built by Experts

Our workflows and ad templates are created by industry experts who have been thoroughly vetted and must have 10+ years of experience.

From LinkedIn to Amazon Ads Our Workflows Make
You 60% Faster

Finding The Right Marketing Solution Has Never Been Easier

Easily navigate our workflows and pick the one that works for you!

View all the steps needed to complete your ad and you’re ready to go!

Monitor your workflows to align your expectations. How simple is that?

Turn Complexity Into Simplicity

Crystal clear step-by-step instructions

Predictive Technology Automates Processes

The more you use our platform, the better our autofill suggestions become

Never lose control. You are fully in charge of your campaign

Review and customize suggestions before publishing

Interact with all ad platforms without ever leaving Adeptt

Setup your profile and activate autofill within 5 minutes

Workflows ranging from LinkedIn to Amazon ads

See how we save 60% of your time and provide simplicity

Browse, select and preview a workflow

Choosing your marketing solutions is easy as online shopping

See and pick one of countless workflows

See all the steps needed to complete your ad

See stats of a workflow to set your expectations

Every ad and setting comes autofilled

Breaking complex steps into simple ones along with automation saves 60% time

Crystal clear step by step instructions

We use a predictive model to autofill your steps

As you use our platform, we learn and improve autofill

Approve or change our autofilled suggestions

Never lose control. You are fully in charge of your marketing campaign

Always approve our suggestions before proceeding

We interact with 3rd parties like Adwords on your behalf

Set up your user profile in less than 5 minutes to activate autofill

"As a business owner who just started my own e-commerce business, I couldn’t get the results I needed from marketing. Using Adeptt changed the game."

Matt Eliason, E-Commerce Owner

Complete your work blazingly fast

Our innovative autofill technology helps streamline your ad creation process. Simply complete your Adeptt profile and multiple choice questions or short answer forms on platforms like Adwords and Linkedin Ads are quickly autofilled! Our step-by-step process ensures you answer all needed questions to create a stellar ad.

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With our easy to follow processes, the most expert level marketing workflows become effortless.

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Step-by-Step Guidance

Turn the most complicated, expert level marketing workflows into easy-to-follow, step by step processes.

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"I can take more clients with the time I saved through Adeptt. The efficiency gained helped to multiply my client base."

Jenna Price, Freelancer for 5 years

Don’t just build but manage.

Manage your ads with real-time reporting. Our technology lets you know when something isn’t quite right and guides you through how to quickly resolve and issue. Adeptt takes the guesswork out of gathering insights and monitoring performance so you can rest easy.

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"As an ecommerce owner, marketing was taking a lot of time. With Adeptt I get better returns on my money and save time. Now we’re starting to do all of our online ads through Adeptt."

Andrew Leahy, E-Commerce Owner

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