Our Story

We are the world’s first e-commerce store for end-to-end marketing workflows. Currently, over %50 of marketing campaigns fail to meet their goals. What differentiates a successful marketing campaign is knowing what additional steps and details to consider while having the scale to reduce your costs through automation. This is where we come in. Our workflows outline every step needed, customize our solutions for you, and automate as much as we can. We help you to create successful marketing campaigns with higher quality and reduce your time spent doing marketing by up to %60.

Founder Story

During my college years, I always thought I was going to end up in finance. My goals changed when I taught myself how to code and immediately fell in love with it. I went to Tel Aviv to work in an artificial intelligence company called Cortica as a product manager. I served as a bridge between creating developing new product ideas and communicating with developers to achieve the company's goals. After, I moved to San Francisco and worked at a startup. My experience made me realize, yes you need a good idea, the right skill set, and financing to have a successful product but most importantly, you need a way to reach out to your clients. This led me to dive deep into marketing where I saw a huge opportunity in creating standardized, highly automated marketing workflows that consider every step you need to take to be successful. I founded Adeptt to change how marketing is done for small and mid-size businesses.

By using technology, Adeptt brings you all the advantages that come with a top-level marketing agency without the large price premium.