Superhuman speed.

Leave the marketing to us. Integrate and automate your ad platforms with our help and save 60% of your time.

"We run a really fast marketing process. We’re constantly testing and iterating our campaigns. Being able to do all that easily and quickly is massive for us."

Chris Mathur, Marketer

No longer do the mundane

To save time, we fill in most of the steps in the workflow based on your user profile. We just ask you to review and approve the steps. However, if you choose to, you can view and alter the steps in the workflow.

No more decision paralysis.

Using the expertise of 3rd party softwares, we determine the best strategies and workflows for you based around your marketing goals.

No integration out of reach.

Our universal automation software works with any marketing platform. Every change on Adeptt is automatically sent and constructed to 3rd parties such as Mailchimp.

Try Adeptt for free.

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